quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2013

Concertos Confortáveis, n.º 6

21 de abril de 1979, Patti Smith na televisão alemã. Duas vezes por ano, o programa famoso Rockpalast cumpre a tradição, que já vem de 1977, de apresentar várias bandas em palco. Desta vez, além Patti Smith Group, aparecia também a J. Geils Band e Johnny Winter.

"She didn't care to do anything with the J. Geils Band, but she was proud to play with Johnny Winter. Albrecht had no chance to announce her because she kept opening and closing the stage door and simply climbed on-stage. She had already let all of Europe know her wishes for this time period: "Let me get on that fucking stage!" There are many differences of opinion on her concert. One possibility: On-stage stood a self-proclaimed high priestess of rock who emphatically presented her charismatic charm. That impressed a lot of people on that night." - in "10 Jahre Rockpalast" (e aqui)

01 Rock 'n' Roll Star (5'59'')
02 Hymn (1'10'')
03 Rock 'n' Roll Nigger (4'23'')
04 Privilege (4'41'')
05 Dancing Barefoot (6'31'')
06 Redondo Beach (3'30'')
07 25th Floor (4'00'')
08 Revenge (5'10'')
09 5-4-3-2-1-Wave (2'23'')
10 Pumpin' My Heart (3'23'')
11 7 Ways Of Going (9'48'')
12 Because The Night (3'31'')
13 Frederic (5'26'')
14 Jailhouse Rock (2'19'')
15 Gloria (9'20'')
16 My Generation (5'00'')

Patti Smith - guitarra, clarinete, voz
Lenny Kaye - guitarra, baixo, voz
Ivan Kral - guitarra, baixo, voz
Jay Dee Daugherty - bateria
Bruce Brody - teclados