segunda-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2007

Um vídeo por dia traz cor e alegria #23

No Pussy Blues

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DATA: 2007
"No Pussy Blues" é uma das primeiras faixas dos Grinderman, a nova banda de Nick Cave. Juntamente com três Bad Seeds (Martyn Casey no baixo, Warren Ellis nas cordas e Jim Sclavunos na bateria), Cave, agora também guitarrista, volta a ser mau como as cobras nesta investida pelo rock de garagem, pesado, bruto, feio e cabeludo. "Get it On", primeiro single, de edição bastante limitada, pode também já ser escutado no myspace da banda. O álbum, homónimo, sai já no mês que aí vem.

"No Pussy Blues", nas palavras dos próprios músicos:

"As our dreams and desires are hung on the butcher's hook of rampant consumerism, and the mirage and the illusion and the Nike trainers are served up on the trembling quim of an impossibly nubile girl-thing, No Pussy Blues tells it like it is," suggests Cave. "It is the child standing goggle-eyed at the cake shop window, as the shop-owner, in his plastic sleeves, barricades the door and turns the sign to "CLOSED". It is the howl in the dark of the Everyman."
"Set over a throbbing pornographic bass line, the world holds its breath for the onslaught of the wah's shriek of frustration and dirty water," counters Casey. "No Pussy Blues continues in the blues tradition and its timeless fascination with getting laid...or not."
"It's 'Back Door Man', it's 'Crawling King Snake', it's 'Tiger Man'," says Ellis.

E, já agora, a letra:

My face is finished, my body's gone.
And I can't help but think standin' up here in all this applause and gazin' down at all the young and the beautiful.
With their questioning eyes.
That I must above all things love myself.

I saw a girl in the crowd,
I ran over I shouted out,
I asked if I could take her out,
But she said that she didn't want to.

I changed the sheets on my bed,
I combed the hairs across my head,
I sucked in my gut and still she said
That she just didn't want to.

I read her Eliot, read her Yeats,
I tried my best to stay up late,
I fixed the hinges on her gate,
But still she just never wanted to.

I bought her a dozen snow-white doves,
I did her dishes in rubber gloves,
I called her Honeybee, I called her Love,
But she just still didn't want to. She just never wants to.

I sent her every type of flower,
I played her guitar by the hour,
I patted her revolting little chihuahua,
But still she just didn't want to.

I wrote a song with a hundred lines,
I picked a bunch of dandelions,
I walked her through the trembling pines,
But she just even then didn't want to. She just never wants to.

I thought I'd try another tack,
I drank a litre of cognac,
I threw her down upon her back,
But she just laughed and said that she just didn't want to.

I thought I'd have another go,
I called her mah little O,
I felt like Marcel Marceau
must feel when she said that she just never wanted to. She just didn't want to.

I got the no pussy blues.